FREE SERVICES....Free Art and Set-up Benefits arebased on the number of students participating in ourSchoolProgram. If the sale is for a specific group of students, such asthe Band, or Senior Class, the number of students in the group willbe used to determine benefits. Each school will have the opportunityto proof their design at all stages of development. We will provideyou with a full color proof of your Artwork, both on the Internet,and through the mail. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Free Artwork and Screen Table
# Students
Free Artwork
Free Screens
$$ Value
1 Free Hour
2 Free Screens
2 Free Hours
3 Free Screens
3 Free Hours
4 Free Screens
4 Free Hours
5 Free Screens
5 Free Hours
6 Free Screens
6 Free Hours
6 Free Screens
1251 & Up
7 Free Hours
6 Free Screens

If your school has 650 kids, you would be eligible for 4hours of free artwork, and 5 free screens. That means we will designyou a 5 color logo for free!  No hidden costs!  

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